My Inclusion Revolution Framework™ is based on my work and book on the behavioral practices of inclusion management at the organizational level. The certification programs that I have developed is to help inclusion practitioners to understand the difference between civic diversity and organizational diversity, and how to implement, teach and practice inclusion management.

We provide two certification courses: The Certified Inclusion Management Practitioner (CIMP)™ and The Certified Inclusion Management Trainer (CIMT)™ for organizations. (For consultants that wish to teach the Inclusion Revolution Is Now framework at different organizations there is an additional license requirement fee.)  Each course provides a five module self-study guide to prepare the practitioner for the certification exam. Each course incorporates my behavioral systemic process, and  how is  driven by upper management, followed and understood by each employee, and is implemented by the organization to create and manage a culture of inclusion regardless of one’s personal beliefs. (A license from M. G. Robinson, Inc. is required for consultants/professionals wishing to teach TIRIN to other organizations.)

The certification courses are self-study programs that are required to be completed within six months from registration. The preparation for the exam is provided through a self- study guide, a project requirement for those applying for the  inclusion management trainer certification.

For more information about each certification, admission requirements and fee schedule, please fill out the contact form and someone will get back with you as soon as possible.