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What is Change Management? It is the ability to deal with change at the organizational level with minimum disruption to workforce stability, efficiency, productivity and the bottom-line.

What is Inclusion Management? It is the internal, and external experiences an employee goes through at the organizational level, and  his/her ability to work together with others regardless his/her personal belief system.

Implementing Change Without Disruption

When an organization  due to market needs engages on projects, initiatives, opportunities, relocation, expansion, job roles restructuring, organizational structures or new technology; we feel that any of these changes must be dealt through an intentional platform for a smooth transition. In our experience, we have found that the employees are the ones who make any of these changes possible and successful. If the employees are not able to understand or adjust to the changes, all efforts for a successful transition will not be accomplished or fail all together.

We have identified eight stages of adaptability and adjustment an employee goes through to accept organic change. The three part sessions begins by explaining each stage and its implications on productivity, workforce sustainability, recruitment, productivity and the organizational bottom-line. Each module includes: workbooks, exercises, data, tools and skills.

Inclusion Management Made To Last

The understanding of inclusion as a business case is very new in this country. Most organizations and communities are stuck in the civic understanding of diversity, which only deals with the struggles of cultures. Maura G. Robinson has developed a framework on inclusion management that brings the meaning of working together to a new height.

The Inclusion Revolution framework not only brings the top management to the table to create a strong D & I strategic plan, but also involves everyone within the organization and community to bring a level of inclusion that fosters creativity and innovation. Her fourteen principals begin with the understanding of the business model, as well as the assessment process, best practices, metrics, and outcomes. This framework takes away the guessing of what to do next because everything is spelled out within the framework. This program includes, workbooks, audit forms, resources, reward ideas, rubrics, affinity groups formation, inclusion council development and many more helpful tools.  

The Secrets to Retaining Millennial Talent

The next generation skills are forcing HR to create a new contemporary and effective approach to talent acquisition. According to the latest research on workforce the growing age group in our labor force are individuals 45 and older. 79 million of the baby boomers are and will be leaving the workplace right now. Ten thousand baby boomers are reaching age 65 every day. The supply of key talent will decrease 15%, over the next ten years, and the demand for talent will increase 25%. Leaders at the organizational level must be able to learn and practice new and innovative ways to recruit and retain millennials.

Maura G. Robinson created a six – step process that helps HR, recruiters and hiring managers reach the most contemporary approach for talent acquisition. She shares the newest techniques that must be applied to get the best results. She will also address why millennials and other employees stay or leave, how to measure turnover and retention, how to create a workplace “community”, the importance of work area structure, mission, vision, and values and how these elements affect millennials, the best recommendations for reducing turnover, and increasing retention, and what helps millennials stay engaged.

 I will walk you step by step and help you create the most powerful talent acquisition platform for your company and make your recruitment goals obtainable. Each module includes: workbooks, exercises, data, tools and skills.

The Best Motivational Speaker You will ever hear

Maura G. Robinson is an extraordinary national speaker that brings her energy and great message on Inclusion Management, team building and generational interactions to people of all ages, and professional backgrounds. Her presentation are interactive, powerful and fill with the latest research and best practices. Book her today!